Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hollywood Goes To Makassar

On last 17th September, Hollywood Nobody were performing on Jazz For UNHAS in Makassar. It was held by Universitas Hasanuddin to celebrated their Dies Natalis. There were other performance by Tulus And David Manuhutu Trio. Since we all are friends in Bandung, the trip to Makassar was amazingly fun. Here are some photos on our three days trip. Coming with us, Yura Yunita to help us sing harmony and play keyboard, Indro and Adun to control the stage and sound system, and Willson Yonathan as the new manager.

The beauty of Pantai Losari
Cos we don't care about the young folks :)
Shopping town at Somba Opu street
Adun and Upenk, the cuteness of making decisions
Tulus and Romy bargaining :)
Bossa kicks
Yura Yunita as additional. Big thanks :)
Bossa kicks
The culinary visit

The audience were quite crowded, from students to headmasters. The purpose of the show was to create jazz environment for Makassar people. We were honored to be a part of such movement.

We hope we could go back there some other time. Soon and merrier.