Monday, July 25, 2011

Holly Jeans!

Statistic shows that more than half of the world population are now wearing jeans.
Yes, we are.

And we chose Nootsjeans.

Happy Tuesday, Hollybuddies!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hollywood Nobody Goes to Baybeats!

Almost 6 years in blissful series of making and performing music together, we are going to Singapore this August.
Yes, yes, Baybeats Festival 2011 indeed, a three days rock fest of local and foreign indie bands from all over Asia!

The festival will be held on 19 to 22nd of August. Hollywood Nobody, together with Bangkutaman and Protocol Afro, will perform with many bands from Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia!

Check for the lineups and info.
Be a part of Asian music celebration and get bossas!

Thanks to FFWD Records and Baybeats Festival for this delicious invitation!


Hey Monstore!

Hey, Hollybuddies.
Good news. Monstore is giving us endorsement for our stage performance!

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