Monday, August 23, 2010

The Backstage

One thing we love the most about performing is the BACKSTAGE.

All of you watching the five of us on stage, without knowing the people who has been with us always. FAMILY, that's what we called them.
And here are some of the craziness on one of our biggest show ever, the Soundshine Event with Kings of Convenience, Jens Lekman and White Shoes And The Couples Company.

Dian and her lovely dress, designed by Fragrance by Kiki Chan.
The guitar duo, Ucay and Romy.
Rizzy. Erie. Upenk. Firman. I think they forget how to smile happily.
Dian. Aden. Iru. And how we lost the tunes of trumpet.
Iru. Eross, the photographer. Ucay (Alone At Last), play guitar as a guest player in Secret Nobody Knows.
Firman and his trumpet.
Ichi, the backing vocal, shaking hands with her idol, Erlend Oye from Kings of Convenience.

Merry as christmas, right?
The funny thing is how I can't find a picture of the big boss back then, Bang Ikrar. He was pretty busy planning the stage and stuff. We know we've been handled by the perfect person :)
We will loved to post other backstage photos later. Maybe some video of our sillyness and wee wees and tee hees stuff.

I'll see you in a bit, Hollybuddies.


Hey, guys, so we still open the chance to publish your "Telescope Love Stories". 

The memorable stories will be getting Hollywood Nobody merchandise and will be published on the website. So, email your story to and we'll keep you updated about the contest.

The due date for the contest is on 22nd of September.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kiss The Pain Away

Let me come into the darkness of your soul
Let me cure all the pain left from the past
Give me courage just to safe your wounded heart
Give it to me so I can touch the deepest of your lonely heart

Come on closer just give it a shot
I'll never gonna ruin that beautiful thing inside
Come on closer I'll kiss the pain away
I'll be your cure and you'll be my love

Would you be my love?

Bend it on me, I'll be okay
Our love drives me to the max
Give me your hand and you'll see
How wonderful our feeling inside

Would you be my love?


"Kiss The Pain Away" is our very first single that brought us as a winner of LA Lights Indiefest in 2006, and compiled in the album. Back then, with our long gone friends, Ferri Habibie (bass), Andika Prasetyo (percussion), Fajhrin Rochamzan (violin) and M. Indra (drums), we were considered as the shiniest new comer in Bandung music scene.

At that time, we were happy to received such appreciation. From being absolutely "nobody" and became well known for bringing fresh pop tunes with bossa nova sense. Along with supports and condusive environment to make more music, "Betrayal" and "Into Hate" was arranged. Later then, "Betrayal" became the second single and released digitally by Digital Beat Store, one of the pioneer in digital music store in Indonesia.

In 2007, M. Indra died because of his long time disease, and were replaced by Luthfi Erizka. Followed by the resignations of Andika, Fajhrin and Ferri who had decided to start working proffesionally, we finally signed the contract with FastForward Records for Everything Happens For A Reason album.
Later, Dendy Revolusi (bass) joined the band.

The death and the resignations was poignant events. Yet the dream of making a full album was somehow failed to fade.
One event will leads us to another.
One misery could leads us to one success.
These fortunate events might indicate the reason we're still here now, making music, perform stage to stage, stay side by side with you.

Five years of hard working might be a long time. Everything Happens For A Reason album is the sum of everything we had and everything we lost.
Does it worth the efforts? YES.

You will think so too.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello, World!

As you all know, our album debut, Everything Happens For A Reason was released on April this year. Under FFWD records, Hollywood Nobody tells stories about love, life, and thoughts wrapped in pop bossanova, with the slightest touch of many other genres of music.

You can download our very first single, "Telescope" here:

Let's say it's downloadable for the sake of you, dear all new listeners.

Album and its music can not be fully appreciated without artworks. Ratu Lakshmita Indira is the artist behind Everything Happens For A Reason. She is one of few illustrator who could actually interpreted beauties from fairy tales, legends, myths, and poets.
Photos on the side of the page are pieces of the album artwork.

You could check her blogspot on:
The songs are written by Dian and arranged by Romy and others. We surely will posted the lyrics of all the tracks to complete the joy of the album.

Track List :
1. Harmony In D Minor
2. Ballad Of a hero
3. Betrayal
4. Secret Nobody Knows
5. Into Hate
6. Love Me
7. I'll still Leave
8. Telescope
9. Theories
10. Love Song
11. The Boy And A Guitar
12. Woe To You, Lover
13. I Write This Song For You
14. No Existence Could Be Harder

Enjoy rainy season.
Enjoy Hollywood Nobody.