Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midnight In Hollywood - Hollywood Nobody In Concert

18th of February, the weather was very nice, warm enough to make us all giggly and excited. We're standby at IFI Bandung around lunch time and the big welcome greet caught us right in the heart. I believe we were like "oh, my, this is really happening.." in a bossa-heartbeat.

Everyone was there. FFWD Records people - Marine Ramdhani, Uya Waluya, Helvi Sjarifuddin and all other dudes. The stage/sound/lighting people, including Ari Renaldi and Gilar Nurzaman. The IFI people. Us - Diantra Irawan, Romy Febriansyah, Upenk Erizka, Dendy Revolusi, Iru Irawan and our brass dudes. All of our friends, Willson Yonathan, Amien Prahadian, Andry Joe Ovaliano, Marnala Eross, Oktarina Lukitasari, and Muhammad Pandu. Also, Luky Annash, Dee Apriyanti and their management were there, miles from Jakarta. The great great Monstore people also made a special edition tee design for Midnight In Hollywood!

The soundcheck took hours and most of us forgot to eat and drink. We were all at backstage and not knowing the situation outside. Focus on performing, focus on performing, was constant in our mind.

Around 8 PM, Muhammad Pandu announced the Welcome Speech. Fully dressed in Atyd's designs, PotMeetsPop endorsement and U!Shoes kick ass shoes, we were entering the Midnight In Hollywood stage when hundreds of people screaming our names.

With a tick tack clue from the drum, we then hit the stage.

First session song list: 
Betrayal | Telescope | The Boy and a Guitar | Kiss the Pain Away
Love Song | No Existence Could Be Harder

 Luky Annash screaming "realita"

Second session song list:
Pertunjukan Malam | A Bow to My Violin | At Last
Tirai | Nostalgia | Dear Mirabelle | She and Him

Hollybuddies were singing along the night. Cannot believe we're in the phase where people actually listen to our songs, get the meaning, and sing it with us. The tickets were sold out. Sold out. 

Hollywood Nobody and the brass dudes, making the last bow 

Thank you and see you from stage to stage 

Hollywood Nobody were formed in 2005. Our first concert is in 2012. It took us almost seven years to finally did this, and yes.. the show was a success. At least to five of us.

Super big thanks and warmest hugs to:

FFWD Records
Djarum Super Mild
IFI Purnawarman Bandung
The sound/stage/lighting people
Mas Ari 'Aru' Renaldi
Gilar Nurzaman
Luky Annash and his management
Hollywood Nobody management and friends
Pot Meets Pop
U! Shoes
and to all of you who'd actually listen to our records, purchased the tickets and went to the show, and sing with us, and hoping to see our next performances, and et cetera and et cetera.

We love you love us.

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Words: Iru Irawan

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  1. any plan for a gig in Jogja in near future?! :)